Hello students! We are approaching the deadline to add or drop a class. Here’s everything you need to know about this deadline:
  1. The deadline is September 23rd.
This means that you need to add and/or drop your classes before 11:59pm on September 23rd.


  1. It costs $5 to add a class, and it costs $10 to drop a class.
You will be charged a fee for each class you add or drop. You can find and pay this fee on your CalCental page under Finances.


  1. Some classes can’t be dropped.
Classes that have an early drop deadline can only be dropped in the first two weeks of classes. You can check this site to see if your class has an early drop deadline: http://registrar.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/pdfs/early_drop_courses.pdf?PageID=edd.html


  1. Some classes can’t be added.
Many classes have enrollment restrictions that could prevent your from enrolling. The College of Letters and Sciences doesn’t control enrollment restrictions. To get into a class with restrictions, you can consult the department to find out the specifics of the restrictions.


  1. You can use the swap feature to drop one class and add another.
There’s a new feature on CalCentral called Swap. This feature allows you to chose a class you want to drop and a class you want to add and swap into the class you want. If you can’t get into the class you want, you won’t lose your spot in the class you’re already enrolled in.


Having trouble deciding what to do? Remember, you can always change a grade to pass/no pass, if you’re major allows it. Also, you must be enrolled in 13 units to be a full-time student in L&S. If you’re still unsure, you can make an appointment with your major advisor through your major department, or you can make an appointment with an L&S adviser using bHive.berkeley.edu. You can also email us at asklns@berkeley.edu, call us at 510-642-1483, or visit our office at 206 Evans for quick questions. Please avoid waiting until the last minute to add/drop courses.


-Taylor, Peer Adviser