As a college student you have various options available to you, regarding which classes to take, which clubs to join, which major to pick, and even which grading option to choose for a class. You could choose to take a course for a letter grade or Pass/No Pass (P/NP). Having the choice to take a class P/NP allows you to be a little bit more flexible when exploring new classes outside of your comfort zone. When deciding if you would like to take a class for a letter grade or P/NP, it is important to know the policies regarding these grading options, the deadline to change the grading option, and which requirements require a letter grade or can be taken P/NP.


Policies regarding grading option 
Please visit the following link:
The deadline
The deadline to change your grading option is the end of the tenth week. For this semester, that deadline is October 28th.
Are you unsure what your current grading option is for a specific class? You can double check by going to your “My Academics” page on Cal Central. In the middle panel where your classes are listed by semester, click on the link to the class you are concerned about. You will be directed to a page with different pieces of information about the course. On the left hand side there will be a section that says “Course info” and under that section you will be able to see the “Grading option”.


How to change your grading option:
  1. Log onto your Cal Central and go to My Academics
  2. Locate your Fall 2016 semester enrollment on the right hand side
  3. Click “Change grading option” under Class Adjustment
  4. Select the class you would like to change, and select the appropriate grading option


-Margaret Golden, Peer Adviser