Berkeley tuition keeps increasing and you may be thinking to yourself, “how can I afford college?” You pick up on-campus or off-campus jobs, ask your parents for $$ and when both of those options don’t work, take out student loans. You need to pay for college and continue your education at the #1 public university in the world, right? If this sounds familiar, here’s a possible solution for you: scholarships!
Scholarships are funds awarded by government entities, schools and private organizations and are usually based on merit, financial need, or other requirements. They’re one of the best ways to pay for college because you don’t have to pay them back after completing your degree. You can apply for as many as you are eligible for and there are many different kinds of scholarships out there.
Here are some tips:
  • Start early.
Personal statements can take a while to perfect, professors may take a while to write you a good letter of recommendation (they’re busy people, too!), and before you know it, the deadlines to turn in your application can catch you off-guard. Certain parts of the application may take longer to complete, and you wouldn’t want to rush through them.
  • Build relationships with your professors.
    Professors are always knowledgeable and helpful people to talk to, but maintaining a good relationship with them will help when you need a letter of recommendation as part of your application.
  • Be alert!
Sometimes there are scams asking for payment from hopeful students. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Do your research
This will help you find more scholarships you are eligible for.
Websites to look at:
Cal’s scholarship office:
UC Berkeley
Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
18 Sproul Hall #1960
Berkeley, CA 94720-1960
You might be eligible for more scholarships than you think so apply early, often and do lots of research. Good luck!


-Christina, Peer Adviser