As we come out of a haze filled with turkey, mashed potatoes and pie, we slowly and regretfully come to terms with finals coming up soon enough. Something we are not so thankful for. This understandably leads us as students to feel demoralised by the thought of getting back to the grind. Reassuringly Berkeley does what it can to provide you with the resources to be able to stay on track.
Where to go when your apartment or dorm looks too homey:
  • Moffit library has opened a beautiful new space with expansive seating
  • Let’s not forget our haven before Moffitt, the MLK and Eshleman buildings have more seating availability nowadays.
  • If all else fails, we have the original study space the Student Learning Center that also hosts tutoring if need be.
  • The various campus libraries are always an option, some of my favourites include: East Asian Library (for those who prefer an open environment), Kresge Library (for those who prefer a buzz of noise around them) and Doe Library (for those who need the ultimate concentration zone).
  • If proximity to coffee is a deciding factor for you I would suggest Saks, Milano, Royal Ground Coffee, Café Strada and Café Zeb.
For students experiencing their first RRR week, a week to study may seem like eons but you still may find yourself the night before an exam realising you haven’t even bought the textbook yet. As dead week approaches remember to pace yourself, to relax and to study in a balanced approach. Too much of either can frazzle you. If you are a planner, I would recommend creating a timetable to stay on top of your revision. If you tend to get overwhelmed by workload, try taking a break and do something different to relieve your mind.
For the rest of us, this is not our first rodeo. Nevertheless I think it’s important for us as Berkeley students to remember we are not going through this alone. Remember the importance of self-care as we approach finals week.
To help you get through finals, there are different opportunities on campus:
  • The famous ‘Pet Hugs on Sproul’ will be on December 9th and 10th 12-1pm outside Moffitt where you get to pet animals to relieve stress
  • The ASUC Student Advocate’s Office will be giving out free donuts and coffee outside Moffitt on December 9th and 10th 6-8pm
  • The RSF is always an option to take a break
  • The nap pods all over campus provide a facility to be able to relax close to where you may be revising
There are many more activities that come up during RRR Week to support students, do look out for them. RRR week itself is it provide students with time to be able to study in a more relaxed, less rushed setting to consolidate their learning. I recommend taking a healthy advantage of this week.


Akshi, Peer Adviser